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Dusty's music

Dustin Scotch's past, present and future music releases are available here for streaming. Live performances, events and music news is also listed below. Any questions or comments regarding Dusty's music please feel free to reach out on the contact page.

hope ya enjoy the tunes

Upcoming Events:

05/05/2022 -announcement for the release of 3 song E.P. in anticipation of the full length solo instrumental album  

06/06/2022-"fluctuations fade E.P. " set for release on all major streaming platforms through Distrokid

07/01/2022-"Abstract Truth" a track from Dusty's upcoming album, " Essential Reaction " is released for public consumption.

07/27/2022- Another single from Dustin Scotch's upcoming album is scheduled for release in mid August.  Track name is "The mad blarney"

08/18/2022- "The mad blarney" is released to the general population on all major streaming services and is available to buy on Bandcamp.

09/21/2022-the complete album "Essential Reaction" is set for release early next year fallowing the remastered single "Brain Fracture" set for January 23


02/23/2023-new remixed single "Wasted Joker" set for release mid March

03/17/2023-The album "Essential Reaction" is set for release on the 26th of April of this year:)

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